What began as a hobby quickly turned into a passion....

Haven Honey is a small-scale, mother and daughter owned apiary located on the central coast of California. Our interest in honeybees began in 2009. We had heard about Colony Collapse Disorder and other alarming threats to honeybees. With no previous experience, we decided to order a beekeeping kit and see if we could learn something new and help the declining honeybee population. We had no idea what we were in for!  


What began as a hobby quickly turned into a passion. The more we learned about these amazing and essential pollinators, the more enthralled we became. Our small apiary—which started with one hive in 2009—has grown into dozens of hives located in bee-friendly areas around the central coast. Through reading books and attending workshops, we have sought to deepen our understanding of the challenges that honeybees face, and embraced a philosophy of beekeeping that we hope will help our bees naturally overcome some of these challenges. We are committed to practicing chemical-free beekeeping—our bees forage on a variety of local plants, trees, and native wildflowers from Morro Bay to Paso Robles. Our honey is raw in order to preserve all of the enzymes, and minimally filtered to ensure it contains beneficial pollens. It’s also delicious…straight from the hive!  


In addition to honey, we also offer an assortment of natural beeswax products.


Have a swarm of bees in your yard? Please don’t call an exterminator! We provide swarm rescue.


There is nothing we would rather talk about than bees (as our family and friends can attest to)! We love to share our passion and enthusiasm by offering small group presentations.


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